When you request a Nurse, Pharmacist or Pharmacist-Assistant from SA Locums, you can be sure you will be supplied with a fully validated, fit for purpose, committed and competent candidate.

Your reputation and ours are closely interlinked. You want to deliver first-class healthcare to your patients, and the locums we supply are critical to that outcome.

That is why we….

  • Operate 24/7, providing you with a guaranteed round-the-clock service, even for difficult-to-fill last minute bookings.
  • Provide the most stringent levels of validation and referencing before we take any locums onto our books.
  • Relieve you of small but important decisions affecting the locum – arranging transport to your hospital, nearby accommodation and salary payments into bank accounts.
  • Check both during and after the placement that you are happy with the locum’s performance.
  • Adhere to the most rigorous standards in professional recruitment. We are APSO accredited.


  • SA LOCUMS provides pharmacies, hospitals, medical practices and government healthcare facilities in South Africa with highly qualified healthcare providers to meet short- and long-term temporary staffing needs and fill permanent vacancies.
  • SA LOCUMS provides rewarding, flexible career options for pharmacists, nurse practitioners and pharmacist assistants in every stage of their professional lives, from just out of training to semi-retirement.
  • SA LOCUMS works with a large, specialty-diverse pool of pharmacists, nurse practitioners and pharmacy assistants.
  • The pharmacists who work through SA LOCUMS are carefully screened and covered by professional liability insurance.
  • As a founding member of the National Association of Locums in South Africa (NALSA), SA LOCUMS is a leader in establishing and maintaining strict industry standards.